• I personally want to thank everyone at Wink and Wink. After dealing with all the other people going through this whole issue, I am very thankful that I selected Wink and Wink to act on my behalf. I feel that I dealt with real professionals and am very pleased with the results. Again Mike, thank you and the all the Wink and Wink family. It was such a pleasure dealing with a real professional team through some of my most trying times!

    Manuel, Chapter 13 client

  • We looked for several months for a bankruptcy attorney that we felt could do the best job for us. We found Wink & Wink, a husband and wife team who specializes in both chapter 7 and chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
  • Gigi handles all of the chapter 7 filings, she was so caring and helpful, answered all of our concerns and kept assuring us it would all work out. We were trying to file chapter 7 but we found it was not going to work, so we changed to chapter 13 and her husband got involved.
  • Mike Wink is a wonderful attorney and also stays on top of everything that needs to be done, answered all our questions quickly and let us know each step we needed to take. Bankruptcy is not something to take lightly and is a serious matter but with Wink & Wink on you side you can not go wrong. I will recommend them to anybody who needs their kind of help. From my wife and myself we rate them with 5 stars.

    Richard and Janice, Chapter 13 clients

  • The best person to get us thru bankruptcy: Thank you Mike for all your help in our bankruptcy we could not have done it with out you. Mike was there for us. Every questions we had there was a answer. He did just what he said he would do and more. Once again thank you Mike.

    Juanita and Ernie, Chapter 13 clients

  • I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and your team for your combined efforts in settling my accounts. We are fully back on track now with very, very little unsecured debt. Based on my records, your team was able to settle over 116K for 59K (~51%). I can honestly say that the best decision we made during our most difficult time was to call Wink & Wink.

    Lance, Debt Settlement client

  • Thank You so very much for handling this bankruptcy or us, and advising us as to what we should and shouldn’t do over these last 5 years. Both Pam and I have enjoyed having you as our attorney and feel that you have gone way beyond what you should have. If you ever require a recommendation from anyone we both will be more than delighted to give it at anytime. You and your firm have been wonderful.

    Tim and Pam, Chapter 13 clients

  • You are amazing! Thank you so much!

    Peggy, Chapter 13 client

  • If you are struggling with your bills and wondering how you will make the next payment, it is time to talk with Wink & Wink. I spoke to a credit counseling agency first and then called Wink & Wink. I had so much credit card debt that the counseling agency could only reduce a few of the creditors interest rates. It would have taken forever to pay them off. I had property to save and Wink&Wink was able to save the property AND help me payoff a fraction of the debt. They are up standing people and work in your best interest. It is true that they answer every phone call. They are always there to help you. They took my bankruptcy right through the confirmation with the courts and they will continue to help me until all identified debt is paid. Thank you so much for lifting a heavy burden from me. I sleep better at night.

    Carolyn, Chapter 13 client

  • Mike and Gigi are absolutely excellent to work with. Face it you can’t afford to try lawyer after lawyer to find the right one. Go with Wink and Wink and make your first decision the right one. Great people.

    Chad S, Chapter 7 client

  • I retained Wink & Wink because a good friend of mine had used them and referred me to them. Knowing she had such a positive experience with them gave me the confidence to file Chapter 13 without feeling ashamed about it. Mike, Gigi and Collette were great to work with and did all of the hard work necessary to achieve success with confirmation of my Chapter 13 Plan. I highly recommend this firm for your bankruptcy needs–you will not be disappointed!

    Donna S, Chapter 13 client

  • I retained the services of Wink and Wink to represent me during the filing of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I could not have chosen a better law firm to help me. They are friendly, supportive, professional and absolutely look out for the best interest of the client. Mike and Gigi work well as a team and I never questioned whether everyone was on the same page. The process was smooth and handled efficiently. I thank Wink and Wink for helping me get on the path to a better financial future!

    K.P., Chapter 13 client

  • Just wanted to thank you for helping Steve and I through a difficult time . Life is less stressful. Sincerely,

    Mary K., Chapter 13 client

  • Thank you, Mike Wink.
    I had an unsecured debt left over from my divorce nearly 5 1/2 years ago. Years of ignoring it did not make it go away. Dodging calls from collectors did not make it go away. The energy and stress I devoted to the problem was a weight that pulled me down more and more each day.
    I was resistant, but when the collectors turned more aggressive, I knew I needed to do something. Per the free consultation, I have to admit, I was very disappointed to find out that I was not a candidate for bankruptcy… I thought it was my only hope. As we talked through my options, you described just how debt negotiation would work, and the reasonable cost(s) that goes with it.
    The moment I signed that negotiation agreement and put you on retainer, I felt a huge weight coming off. I would hazard a bet a doctor could have watched my blood pressure lower. I felt like there might finally be an end to this parasitic draw on my credit.
    A short month and a half later, that 5 1/2 year noose around my neck is gone and I can confidently rebuild my credit.
    Thank you.

    Jeff V, Debt Settlement client

  • Mike – You, your wife and the personnel deserve a great one as you all have been patient and detailed. Thanks again Mike!

    Joe B, Chapter 13 client

  • If you are reading this, then it’s likely that life is not going so well for you. Financial problems can affect anyone at almost any point in life, and they can make you feel like your whole life is going down the toilet. There can be no way to simply pay yourself out of a hole. It happened to me when I became too sick to work. That’s where Mike Wink enters the picture.With Mike’s expert attention to all aspects of your case, even a complex one such as mine, he will start to put together a plan for getting your life going again. It can happen for you.Thank you, Wink & Wink!

    Stuart, Chapter 13 client

  • I was very relieved to become acquainted with Wink & Wink, PC. during this difficult time. Bankruptcy is a very unknown processes, every situation so unique. Michael handled my case with patience, knowledge and very thoroughly to completion. I felt at ease knowing I could reach out at any time to him since I was provided with his mobile number!

    Denise, Chapter 13 client

  • Thank you for everything. We have recommended you to several people already…You two are great people.

    Virginia, Chapter 13 client

  • We want to thank you for all your work on our behalf. We were always treated professionally from our first meeting. You and your staff were always available and answered any question me might have. Your team was always friendly and helpful. You have a great crew! We will highly recommend you and your firm every chance we get. Thank you for all of your help, we very much appreciate it.

    Bruce and Sheila, Chapter 13 clients

  • I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my bankruptcy. We had a very difficult time limit to deal with and you guys couldn’t have been more on top of my case. You made everything very easy to understand. Everything was done on schedule and was done very professionally. Thank you all again. Keep up the good work.

    Brad, Chapter 7 client

  • I’m glad we worked together. Life is significantly less stressful.

    Rich and wife, Chapter 13 clients

  • My wife and I needed help very badly. We were in deep debt and in danger of losing our home. My income had suffered greatly over the past ten years, and while I had hoped it would return, it did not, and the debt mounted. Luckily we met Mike and Gigi Wink. It’s a husband and wife law practice that took us through the intricacies of claiming bankruptcy. And while my wife and I were disturbed about discharging the debt we truly owed, it was the only plan that allowed us to continue on in our life without severe interruption.Mike and Gigi are warm and compassionate people, something you really need in a situation like this. In addition, they are very capable and thorough, which is what you need for a bankruptcy. And although it took some time and hard work on my part, and certainly on theirs, we got it done! Our life is back in order, and greatly in part to Mike and Gigi! It suffices to say:

    We couldn’t have done it without them”!
    Thanks Mike and Gigi, you both ROCK!

    George and Theresa, Chapter 13 clients

  • I got to place where my financial life was unbearable and too complicated for me to handle. I went to school, could not find a job in my field of study and found no where to turn. Although my case was complicated Wink and Wink helped me get back on the right track.They are wonderful professional people. I can’t thank them enough.

    Heather, Chapter 7 client

  • Awesome! You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much.

    Ron & Roz, Chapter 7 clients

  • You guys did a great job, and I’m very grateful to you both for the advice and work getting this done. If there’s ever a need to recommend a firm such as yours to anyone, you can be sure I’ll do it.

    Phil and Emmie, Debt Settlement clients

  • Thank you both so much for handling all of my paperwork for this unfortunate bankruptcy. I appreciate all your hard work and efforts to help me!! You have both been so great and I just wanted to tell you “Thank You”.

    LE, Chapter 7 client

  • Bankruptcy one year later: Just dropping you a note saying all is well here at the {client} house! Have a new retirement plan started, Credit score is higher than expected. Actually have money saved. No more debt burden. Thanks again for all your help as I am no longer a” Slave to lender”. Hope all is well with and your family.

    K & JR, Chapter 7 client in Arvada, Colorado

  • I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Your support and understanding exceeded my initial feeling regarding this process. I truly believe that you were on my side and worked at getting the best deal for my situation. I hope you know that I wouldn’t hesitate to refer someone to you.

    CG, Chapter 13 client in Brighton, Colorado

  • In the recent economy, I found myself in a dire financial situation that I couldn’t get myself out of. I contacted Wink and Wink for a consultation. There was no pressure, as they wanted me to make the best decision. I felt confident in their abilities to represent me and my case. They proved to be professional, knowledgeable, and, expedient with the entire process. Any questions I had, they were able to answer. They completed my case successfully, and, I am living debt free!
    Thank you Wink and Wink.

    LF, Denver, Colorado

  • When I hear someone is thinking about filing bankruptcy, my first reaction is usually to pass on the contact information for Michael and Gailyn Wink.I was (like many people) struggling every month to keep my head above water and completely drowning in a house with an ever-increasing mortgage. I had a great deal of resistance to filing for bankruptcy because of my own fears and anxieties, as well as the normal stigma that is associated with. After my first meeting with Michael, most of those fears were gone. He put me at ease immediately, explained all of my options and really made me feel like I would have someone to guide me through this daunting process.
    Even when a complication arose in my case, Michael and Gailyn were there every step of the way giving me honest answers while calming my panic. I was so glad to have Gailyn there with me in court, I felt prepared and her calm and humor helped make the situation seem more manageable. I can’ t imagine going through all of that with other lawyers that I had met and feeling as cared for as I did with the refreshing team at Wink and Wink.
    Thank you doesn’t quite seem like enough for the new life and fresh start that I now have thanks to their help. They truly are people who care and are (above all else) in the business of helping people. I trust them implicitly and would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering bankruptcy. My only regret is that I didn’t call them sooner. With immeasurable gratitude ~

    F.E., Denver, Colorado

  • (My Husband) and I want to thank you (Gigi and Mike) and the entire staff for all your support and help. May God Bless you all.

    VK, Denver, CO

  • I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, very much, for the support, guidance, and speed with which you handled my case and myself. Bless you for being so gracious! I will be recommending you to everyone I encounter. With the kind of difficulties that I had, being a disabled veteran, your willingness to help me reconfirmed my faith that there are some good people out there. Thanks again!

    MB, Westminster, CO

  • I just wanted to send you my sincere thanks for your help, diligence and kindness in working on my bankruptcy. It was honestly a pretty humiliating experience making the call and walking into your office for the consultation. As a professional who has worked so hard to stay on top of things–both professionally and personally–it was defeating to finally realize my situation had become unmanageable. I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated your lack of passing judgment, understanding, honesty, and advocacy on my behalf during the past few months. Plus, you two have simply been absolutely enjoyable to work with. I know there is still work to do, but just wanted to say thanks!

    Cathy, Westminster, CO

  • Thanks Gigi! You’ve been wonderful to work with. Everything went just as you suggested it would. In that stressful environment (bankruptcy process), I had a great experience with your firm as you walked me through. I will have no problem giving you and your firm the highest of recommendations.

    Layne, Chapter 7 client, Golden, CO

  • Thanks a million!!! …. Please tell Christine (paralegal) THANK YOU and of course thanks to you and Mike you worked with us for us, you are first lawyers who have done an excellent job that I have met in my life.

    Chuck, Chapter 7 client

  • Thanks again for all your help on our bankruptcy. You were wonderful and please us this as a reference. Couldn’t have gone any better.

    David and wife, Chapter 7 clients

  • I heard on (Tom Martino’s) radio program last year about Wink and Wink bankruptcy lawyers and I made a mental note. his year I needed some bankruptcy advice and contacted Mike Wink. What a service they provided. They gave me a free appointment and after talking to Mike about filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy and what was required, I opted to go the route and file. He (and his wife Gigi) went through all I had to do and what it amounted to and they processed the paperwork to the bankruptcy court and I was approved for the debt consolidation. With their excellent help, I would tell others looking for chapter 13 relief to contact them first.

    Art, Chapter 13 client

  • Dear everyone at Wink and Wink, especially Gigi: We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the help and guidance we received from you during this entire bankruptcy process. We received our written order yesterday from the Bankruptcy Court, and we now can breathe again! Gigi, from the very first meeting to the end, you always were there for us – calming our many fears — and supporting us each and every step of the way. We are happy to recommend Wink and Wink to anyone facing bankruptcy. Thanks, again!

    Deb and husband, Chapter 7 client

  • I wanted to take this chance to thank you for all your work. I really appreciate everything you did for me!

    Marie, Chapter 7 client

  • Thank you for your time and effort on our behalf. I will not hesitate to refer your firm to friends or family requiring like services. It was and is comforting to know you and your staff were an e-mail away at any time. It’s refreshing to find a candid attorney with a great bed-side manner who listens and is focused, timely, thorough, respectful, honest and follows-up.

    Tim, Debt Settlement client

  • Thank You so very much in handling this for us. I don’t believe that [my wife] and I could have found any better person or firm to work with. You did a great job in keeping us informed and helping us keep calm and the stress level always to a minimum during these last couple of months.

    TF, Chapter 13 client in Denver, Colorado

  • Filing for bankruptcy is something I never thought I would do, it is amazing what life can throw at you. The attorneys at Wink and Wink were amazingly kind and helpful from the moment I walked in the door. They were very upfront with me, told me exactly what to expect, and were available to address every question or concern I had throughout the process. Wink and Wink made a hard life moment a little less rough, and while I plan on never needing this service again . . . . I would absolutely recommend them to anyone in need of a bankruptcy lawyer.

    Sara, Chapter 13 client