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The law firm of Wink & Wink is a husband and wife bankruptcy law firm in Denver, Colorado, offering a full suite of debt relief services. We represent people and businesses in bankruptcy, debt settlement, litigation, mortgage modification, and credit repair.   We are committed to giving clients attention, respect, availability.   We provide our clients with legitimate, cost effective means to:

  • Stop harassing phone calls, wage garnishments, and even lawsuits
  • Stop foreclosure proceedings, auto repossessions, and IRS collections
  • Wipe out significant portions of your debt forever

WHAT SETS WINK & WINK APART: Our Customer Service

Wink and Wink’s Husband and Wife attorneys Mike and Gigi give all clients their personal cell phone numbers and a commitment to respond quickly to any questions or concerns that arise during the debt relief process. At Wink & Wink, your attorney will always be available to answer your questions.


Wink & Wink Bankruptcy Law Firm helps people understand all of the their options for getting out of debt. No matter what kind of debt you have, medical bills, credit cards, or mortgage, the husband and wife team at Wink & Wink can help. Call for a free consultation at 888.NOW.WINK.


Debt relief can cause significant stress and confusion for those who are not sure how best to manage their debt. Many debt relief agencies, such as debt consolidation firms and credit counseling agencies, don’t advise people on bankruptcy, even though bankruptcy is often the most cost effective form of debt relief. At the same time, many bankruptcy attorneys don’t adequately advise clients on options outside of bankruptcy — such as debt settlement or mortgage modification — and don’t provide any help for repairing credit.

Wink and Wink provides a full suite of debt relief solutions. Our clients are informed of all of their options and provided tailored advice for the best, most cost effective debt relief strategy for their particular situation. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION. We’ll review options and get a tailor-made debt relief strategy in place for you.


We know the decision to pursue debt relief is often difficult. The vast majority of people pursuing debt relief always intended to pay their debt back. However, circumstances arise which can make paying your debt in full difficult, or even impossible. In many cases, the need for debt relief is obvious, such as when your wages or bank accounts are being garnished, or your home is in foreclosure. For others who are making their minimum monthly payments but unable topay their way out of debt, the need for debt relief is more subtle.

Many factors are involved in determining whether to pursue debt relief, including your age, income, family size, and amounts and types of debt. Wink & Wink will consider all of your circumstances in providing advice on whether to pursue debt relief. Contact us for a FREE consultation to help you determine whether you need debt relief and, if so, what form of debt relief is best for you.